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a babe for every home

XL American Bullies


what do you receive with a babe

4 year genetic health guarentee

vet checked and health certificate to go home


ABKC registration papers - Pet or Full

basic go home starter package




  • Cow, a comprehensive 100-pound female, brings impressive size and strength to the table in the XL Bully breed!

  • Well adaptable personality and a well-rounded mother. Great with kids and does well with other animals.





  • Knockout, a standing stud at VVS Kennels in Arkansas, is a 115-pound male who contributes exceptional width and vibrant color to the breeding.

  • Linebred 2x staxx, 2x oddjob 3x Adios, 4x ch. Monster mutt x akeena ​



Pet & Breeding

  • A pet from this XL Bully litter will cost $3,500. If you're interested in full breeding rights, the price is $5,500, regardless of color.

  • We are currently accepting deposits for picks 3, and 4. A deposit of $500, which will be deducted from your final balance, secures your spot.

  • This breeding is planned for early to mid-fall, but please be prepared for Mother Nature to adjust the timeline a bit.

Waiting list

  • Aaron - VVS

  • WBB

  • open

  • open


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can our Bully Babes head home?
    Our bully babes are ready to join their new families as early as 8 weeks old. They come fully equipped with a starter pack containing essential items such as a microchip, vet documents, kibble, a scented blanket, and some additional goodies to help them settle into their new homes.
  • Why do we call them "Bully Babes"?
    We affectionately refer to our puppies as "bully babes" because they truly embody that endearing essence of innocence and charm. Our brand is dedicated to celebrating our puppies and the nurturing environments they deserve. Everything we provide for their care is designed with love and attention to ensure they thrive in their new homes.
  • What does their vet exam & vet documents consist of?
    On the day before our puppies turn eight weeks old, they undergo a comprehensive veterinary examination. This includes a thorough full-body checkup, administration of their first round of vaccines, and a deworming treatment. Upon completion, they receive a health certificate confirming their good health and passing status, ensuring they are ready to join their new families with confidence. Our health certificates are meticulously detailed to include essential information about each puppy, including their microchip number, date of birth, color, and a detailed description of every vaccine administered along with the corresponding dates. Additionally, the certificates also feature the examination dates. We prioritize microchipping our puppies at an early stage, ensuring that each one receives a unique identifier. This process is carried out by our team, and it provides owners with the confidence that the veterinary documents are accurately associated with their respective puppies.
  • Bringing Bully Babes home.
    Moving your new bully babe into your home can be a bit overwhelming during the initial days. It's crucial to maintain a quiet and calm atmosphere to ease their transition. Start by providing a safe space, such as a crate, where they can feel secure. Establishing a consistent schedule for potty breaks and naps will also help them settle in smoothly.
  • Limited Registration or Full rights?
    We offer two registration options for our puppies: Limited registration and full rights. With Limited registration, the puppy is not permitted to produce offspring and is placed under a spay or neuter contract. Consequences may apply if the terms of the contract are violated, and breeding is prohibited. Full registration grants the owner the ability to register any puppies produced by the fully grown dog under a full rights breeding contract. This option allows for breeding rights and registration of offspring.
  • What does our guarantee cover?
    At Wonderlands Boujie Bullies, we stand behind the health of our puppies with a four-year genetic guarantee for genetic diseases. Through comprehensive testing, we ensure that the majority of our dogs are DNA clear, while some may be carriers without life-threatening ailments. We strictly avoid including any "affected" dogs in our breeding program to maintain the highest standards of health. Our genetic guarantee specifically covers eyes, offering peace of mind to our customers. However, we do not extend guarantees for hips or elbows due to the significant influence of exercise on our dogs' growth and development.
  • Visitation
    Visitation with our bully babes is exclusively permitted during pick-up times. We schedule dedicated days for families, offering specific time slots for visits. This allows ample opportunity for questions to be answered and for families to spend quality time with their new addition.
  • Selections
    Bully babe selection follows the order of deposits received. Any remaining puppies not chosen will be made available for immediate selection on our website. To reserve a puppy, please reach out to us through our basic contact form. We'll be happy to assist you with your reservation.
  • Payments
    To secure your place on our waiting list in selection order, a deposit of $500 is required. Puppies must be paid in full by 7 weeks of age if you are on our waiting list, either via Venmo, cash app, Zelle, or credit card, unless paying in cash, which qualifies for a $150 discount. Please remember to include a 4% transaction fee for credit card payments. For those selecting their puppy after 8 weeks of age, a deposit is required for holding, balance due before transport, or at pick up. If your puppy is flying out with a flight nanny or ground transport, full payment is necessary. Please coordinate with Lyric regarding these arrangements and any time constraints.
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