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At Wonderlands Boujie Bullies, our goal is to set ourselves apart. We've proudly earned the title of Florida's #1 Sheepadoodle breeder, and now we're extending our unique breeding practices to papered XL American Bullies here in Florida. Leading Florida XL Bully Breeder.


We distinguish ourselves by rigorously health-testing our dogs with OFA certifications and DNA analysis. Plus, we back our commitment with a four-year genetic health guarantee. We stand proud to become Florida's best in late 2024.

Located in Youngstown, Fl.

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Ever thought about when you'd like to bring home your new bully? We're gearing up for an exciting 2024 breeding that'll introduce something truly special to our showroom. We offer additional training packages to make the transition smoother for you and your new puppy. These not only help your pup settle into their new home but also help you learn along the way.

Of course, if you prefer, you can always choose from one of our available studs to highlight your breedings and your program. 

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Boujie Bullies Family.

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At Wonderlands Boujie Bullies home base, we're a tight-knit family of four: Lyric, Chris, and their two kids, Hayden and Wayde.


Lyric brings over 12 years of professional dog training experience, having been immersed in a family of dog enthusiasts since childhood. Her expertise lies in puppy training, aggression management, and off-leash obedience. Chris joined forces with Lyric several years ago, supporting her ventures while they raised their children in an environment filled with love for animals.

Lyric has been recognized and voted as Florida's top Sheepadoodle and Whoodle breeder. With years of experience, she has expertise in breeding, including Chinese Crested dogs that she has imported from various countries. Her focus remains on doodles and bullies breeds.

Here at WBB, we're dedicated to standing out in the world of bully breeders. We prioritize health testing, DNA analysis, and cultivating high-end temperament traits, especially those conducive to family engagement.

We've teamed up with closely affiliated kennels, and together, we've brought something truly remarkable to the table. A portion of our adult dogs live in the southern region, whereas our bully babes are born at our family location in northern Florida and raised with the Edwards family.

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