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At Wonderlands Boujie Bullies home base, we're a tight-knit family of four: Lyric, Chris, and their two kids, Hayden and Wayde.


Lyric brings over 12 years of professional dog training experience, having been immersed in a family of dog enthusiasts since childhood. Her expertise lies in puppy training, aggression management, and off-leash obedience. Chris joined forces with Lyric several years ago, lending his support to her ventures while they raised their children in an environment filled with love for animals. 


Lyric has been ranked and voted Florida’s number one Sheepadoodle and Whoodle breeder. She has years of experience with breeding; she has bred Chinese crested, importing several from other countries, and the doodles and bullies are the ones to remain. 

Here at WBB, we're dedicated to standing out in the world of bully breeders. We prioritize health testing, DNA analysis, and cultivating high-end temperament traits, especially those conducive to family engagement.

A portion of our adult dogs live in the southern region, with Rae, whereas our puppies are born at our location in northern Florida. Lyric and Rae often exchange adult dogs between their homes, ensuring they become accustomed to both environments. Rae has adults with her full time, while Lyric does, too. This practice helps the adult dogs transition more smoothly when they return to Lyric's home to whelp their litter, as they are already familiar with the environment.

Pups and main practices are located in Youngstown, FL . We're excited to expand our furry family and create some awesome new spaces for our dogs. Lyric and Rae have developed a system to evenly distribute the dogs between their homes evenly, ensuring that both households can manage their responsibilities effectively and provide the best care.

Our kids are hands-on with our pups daily, from raising puppies to socializing and lending a hand to our grown-up dogs. We believe this involvement helps our children learn and grow, benefiting our bully babes tremendously.


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Why wbb?

Choosing us as your XL American Bully breeder signifies your full commitment to supporting the lifelong well-being of your dog.

You'll have peace of mind with our four-year genetic health guarantee, backed by thorough genetic and DNA testing of the parents, along with OFA certification.

Recognizing that every household or program is unique, we ensure that the puppy you choose will have a temperament tailored to fit seamlessly into your specific environment or program.

We maintain a transparent puppy raising process, keeping our content regularly updated and providing insight into the day-to-day behind-the-scenes activities, allowing you to stay informed and involved every step of the way.

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