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training babes isn't just shaping behaviors; its sculpting futures, one paw at a t ime


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Investing in professional puppy training with us ensures that your newest family member receives the best start in life before they even arrives home with you.


With over 12 years of experience in professional dog training, we have honed our methods to set puppies up for success from the very beginning. Our expertise goes beyond just basic obedience; we focus on instilling good manners and socialization and building a strong foundation for a lifelong bond between you and your bully babe.

By entrusting us with your puppy's training, you can rest assured that they will be well-prepared to integrate seamlessly into your home and family, ready to thrive and bring joy for years to come. Our puppy programs include the essentials!




Our Crate Training Program offers an additional week of care, with puppies coming home at nine weeks of age. 
This extended period focuses on crate training, leash training, name recognition, and establishing a robust daytime and nighttime potty training routine. By ensuring the puppy is comfortable in its crate, we gradually introduce them to a structured schedule, minimizing stress and facilitating a smoother transition to your home. While your puppy won't be fully trained, this program significantly reduces the initial challenges of puppy and potty training, fostering a well-adjusted and happier introduction to your family.
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During the comprehensive four-week Kindergarten training program, your puppy will undergo a structured learning experience focusing on consistency.


Tailored for novice puppy owners, this extended program allows for in-depth interaction, enabling me to work extensively with your puppy, fostering stability, and reinforcing your communication expectations.


Over the course of the program:

- A carefully crafted schedule for eating, drinking, and potty breaks will be established, reducing house training stress. Weekly video updates will showcase training progress.

- Crate training will be implemented, facilitating overnight and daytime quietness while holding potty, promoting a well-adjusted puppy.

- Essential skills such as treat acceptance, collar and leash familiarity, and consistent responses to obedience commands will be instilled, including "Name" "sit," "leave it," "down," "come," "place," and "heel."

- Your puppy will grasp key feedback words ("good," "nope," "okay," and "leave it") for effective communication.

- Introduction to basic grooming practices, including brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and sanitary maintenance with clippers.

- Daily socialization with children and household pets will ensure a well-rounded and socially adept puppy.

- Additional socialization benefits for a more comprehensive developmental experience.

- A public training session in a highly populated area to acclimate your puppy to diverse environments (note: strangers will not interact with your puppy during this session).




For owners seeking a hassle-free experience, our Advanced Training Package offers a fully-trained bully babe,

This comprehensive program provides a foundation of advanced training for service dog prospects or simply a great companion, requiring owners to maintain and build upon the established skills.


Included in this package:

- E-collar foundation for reliable obedience in any setting, both on and off-leash.

- In-depth training at high-traffic stores and public places.

- 10 hours of in-public training for exposure to various environments.

- Polite guest interactions with the puppy, maintaining "Place" until permitted to greet, addressing issues like jumping and hyperbehavior.

- Kennel overnight potty training and up to 7 hours of crate holding during the day.

- Mastery of commands such as come, heel, sit, down, place, leave it, off, no, wait, and kennel.

- Extended duration of "Place" command, holding implied sit, down, and stay for 45 minutes to 2 hours, with 45-minute downs.

- Socialization with dogs and people of all ages, emphasizing understanding of personal space.

- Veterinarian care, including bi-weekly worming and vaccines (excluding spay/neuter).

- Exposure to various environments, children, and adults, addressing and curbing puppy habits like chewing, nipping, and jumping.

- Establishment of understanding thresholds and appropriate behavior in various situations.

- Introduction to regular baths, nail trims, and grooming, with a professional grooming session before arriving home.

- Puppy insurance coverage is available during the training program.

- Up-to-date vaccines, including distemper and rabies, with records transferred to the new owner upon the puppy's arrival.

- Comprehensive inclusion: four months of full training (8 weeks to 6 months), training equipment, go-home package, and all vet care completed for a year.

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